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We provide gardening services and develop horticultural products.

We provide these services and products to both residential and corporate clients.

We manage community led projects and provide small grants to community groups and individuals seeking a career in horticulture.

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Pressure washing

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been experimenting with our new pressure washer and the results so far have been stunning! We’re familiar with it now and ready to roll out this service across Hackney & Islington. Booking couldn’t be easier: text or WhatsApp 07511 522 341 for a callback.


We’d like to tell you a bit more about what this service involves before choosing us. You can choose two options for this service: clean with eco-wash (from £42) or just water at high pressure (from £38). Using an eco-wash gives a far superior result.

We require access to the site, a running water supply and an electric supply.

When attending your property, we arrive on-time and in uniformed work clothes, protective footwear and bring a dust sheet that we lay down in any areas inside the property that we might need to access in order to get to the surface that needs washing.

We bring the following equipment: Spear & Jackson pressure washer, Hozelock 50m extension hose, a variety of tap connectors, garden broom, dust-pan and brush, heavy duty green garden bag and a no-return valve if we are to use the mains water supply. We also bring an eco-brick wash if you have chosen that option.

Visiting the site before booking us provides you with an accurate quote, and sets out both our expectations of the service. You will receive a PDF quote with an agreed date for the work to be carried out.


For those of you who are interested in the technical details, we purchased a compact 1800w Spear & Jackson pressure washer, connected this to a hose and an electric supply.

The loudness of the machine was as advertised and reached 93db, and is within acceptable range for residential areas. However, the welfare of our team is important and a team member will turn up at the job with a pair of ear-plugs – please don’t get offended if we don’t respond the first time you ask us something!

We tested this equipment at four properties in Hackney – these are residential clients who pay a reduced rate for allowing us to use their garden for student development and testing new products and service.

All four gardens had a concrete paving stone patio areas, two had an additional crazy paving area.

It also allowed us to find the optimum direction to spray the nozzle: in sweeping horizontal motions, and doing a second pass on really dirty areas worked wonders. Second passes start from £15 – we are comfortable with the price levels we have set as pressure washing uses a high level of manual labour.

We used this washer paying close attention to the manufacturer’s guidelines and after completing our in-house pressure washer training.

We spent about two and a half hours at each property using the washer and we kept the nozzle about 30cm from the surface to be washed to avoid damaging the concrete or displacing the sand from under the paving stones.

The first two properties were washed with an environmentally friendly patio and brick shampoo – we have taken out the guesswork when choosing brick wash. We use Kingfisher’s eco-brick wash. It’s biodegradable and does not contain acid – a choice that is in keeping with our environmental credentials.

We used just water on the remaining two properties – this was incredibly difficult. Shifting dirt and debris with this method took twice as long and we returned for a second pass the following week. The results were far superior using the eco-wash and we recommend that option in the first instance.

The before and after results below should give you an indication as to the level of clean each option provides.


Call or text 07511 522 341 to book a site visit and to get your outside space gleaming, clean and presentable for the summer!