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We provide gardening services and develop horticultural products.

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We manage community led projects and provide small grants to community groups and individuals seeking a career in horticulture.

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Why not turf in Summer?

There is nothing like enjoying a gorgeous summer’s day on an opulent, verdant lawn. For’s Head Gardener, Mus, Rolawn is his preferred supplier and the Medallion turf is his favourite to work with. In 2007, this same brand was installed for the opening of the impressive Glasshouse at RHS Wisley. It has now become Mus’ first choice to clients looking for high-grade, multi-purpose grass that cuts beautifully.

However, as any gardener will know, timing is key to ensure a vibrant garden. A healthy lawn is no exception. As such, client requests to lay turf in the summer comes with Mus’ professional advice to consider an aftercare arrangement.

The difficulty with laying turf during the summer months is that a new lawn requires a lot of water. This water is vital for the roots to establish themselves deep into the soil. Summer turfing can also be significantly more resource and labour intensive. On hot days, the turf needs to be laid exponentially faster thus adding to the client cost. At lushspace, we pride ourselves on finding a balance of a quality finish and affordability.

In order to ensure a successful turfing project, Mus advises the client to agree on a daily watering schedule. Like any plant, a lawn requires nurturing in order to reach its full potential. Laying turf may not be as straightforward an installation as one would expect. However, many of our clients agree that the feel of lush grass under bare feet is worth the extra effort.