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Six Gardening Trends For Summer 2019

At, the latest gardening trends are a great source of inspiration. The Wyevale Garden Centres 2019 report lists six trends making their way to UK gardens. Increasing in popularity are space saving solutions, vegetable gardens and hanging baskets. This is a direct reflection of the types of gardens we have been installing or our clients.

Here are the six trends to keep an eye on this summer:


According to the report, 59% of British gardeners are adding potted plants to their front gardens with over 45% using plants or trees to beautify their front doors. The right combination of colour and size can lift any doorway from pedestrian to a focal point. Also, gardeners are not limited to trees and flowers. Everbearing Fragoo strawberries offer gorgeous pink flowers along with produce throughout the growing season.


The report cites that 59% of British gardeners aged 55-64 are making a conscious effort to buy British-grown plants. 35% of 25-34-year-olds are following suit. This correlates with a decrease in use of previously popular Mediterranean plants due to issues with plant disease and responsible sourcing. We have certainly seen a rise in demand for British favourites like geraniums, marigolds, dahlias and hydrangeas.


Multisensory gardens are a growing trend for those seeking to create ‘staycation’ areas. The report states that: “over a quarter of gardeners follow a colour scheme, with many seeing colour as one of the most important qualities when buying a plant.” However, the sight of a beautiful garden in bloom is now only one strand of an overall experience. Gardeners are also seeking out fragrant plants like roses and lavender. Shade gardens benefit from the added texture of shrubs and ferns.


We are proponents of gardening as a tool for better mental health and wellbeing.

The Wyevale Garden Centre’s report mentions that a trend in healthy eating and veganism is encouraging gardeners to don their gloves. 22% of the respondents polled claimed growing produce was the primary reason for starting a garden. 26% said that growing tasty produce was their biggest gardening achievement. We too have seen a rise in requests for vegetable and fruit patches. This ties in with the noted appeal of home grown and locally sourced produce which is possible in even in the smallest gardens.


Over the past few years, there has been a significant move towards outdoor eating and entertainment spaces. With heatwaves now a regular part of British summer weather, and residential AC a rarity, outdoor living areas are rising in popularity. Gardens have always served a multi-functional purpose of offering rest and relaxation and a children’s play area. Space-saving solutions including folding furniture are being used to convert the functions of gardens based on the needs of the moment.


With climate change and sustainability very much in the public mindset, eco-friendly gardens and those that promote wildlife are a big trend for 2019. According to the report, nearly 70% of British gardeners buy food or provide a home for wildlife, 60% growing plants that benefit their furry and feathered guests. In terms of urban air quality, there has also been a surge in pollution tolerant like the commonly seen buddleia and low maintenance berberis.

Our own trend predictions also include a growth in popularity of copper accessories in gardens. Among our clients, we are seeing an increase in requests for decking, meadow gardens and low maintenance grasses. We see the trends as sparking creativity with each garden as an extension of the gardener’s personality.