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Saving water in hot weather

With climate change and environmental issues now part of our daily lives, many of us are seeking new ways to help. Consumers are recycling more, buying sustainable products and avoiding single-use plastic.’s head gardener Mus has noted a rise in requests for reclaimed wood for garden fences and decking.

One aspect of the environment close to many gardeners’ hearts is the conservation of water. The UK water regulatory body, Ofwat claim that we:

use far more water than previous generations. In total we each use about 150 litres every day and this is likely to keep going up. At the same time climate change could mean that less water will be available in the future.”

Whether in response to a hosepipe ban or keeping an eye on the water meter, a balance is required to efficiently maintain a beautiful garden. This is one area where gardeners can lead by example.

Head gardener Mus offers an aftercare and watering service. His advice to gardeners includes choosing the optimal times of the day to water. Mus avoids watering between 11:30am-3:00pm as this when the sun is at its fullest. The exception is when mowing lawns, in which case he advises raking after watering to give the grass further strength.

According to Mus, the best times of day to water are at 7am or 7pm. In the morning, he finds it gets the plant ready for the day. In the evening, it refreshes the garden after a hot day. He also advises against overwatering. There is no need to soak the plants, only to wet the top 30cm of the soil.

During periods of conscious conservation, Mus recommends a 10L watering can. He says it is large enough to save on refills but small enough for manageability. After watering, Mus advises to mist the foliage to liven them up.

The RHS also has some handy tips on how gardeners can save water. For general advice, Ofwat offer a range of measures that everyone can action.