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“Hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature”; handcream advice for gardeners

When gardeners consider their tools, their thoughts lean towards metal prongs, sharp blades, or the buzz of their favourite power tools. Although many rely on them, few remember the equal importance of their protective gear. Hardy gloves and a reliable hat are necessities for the potterer and the horticulturalist alike.

Also important, and often forgotten, is the right suncare. Spending up to twelve hours a day outside and a crucial piece of his gardening kit is his Neutrogena Norwegian formula. According to the NHS, you are at risk of sun damage even if it is overcast. There is no point spending hours tending your garden if you are too sunburnt to enjoy it.

One question we’re often asked refers to hand care. We use our hands for everything from wielding tools to getting stuck in with weeding. Gloves can protect you to an extent, but rough, cracked hands are the result of a lack of moisture. If left untreated, dry hands, particularly around the nail bed, can become quite painful.

The link between gardening and wellbeing is well established. In return, the health of your garden relies on you to be well enough to take care of it. The simplest step is to invest in a good hand salve. Mus’ cream of choice is from Burt’s Bees. It’s good practice to rub it into your hands before and after your gardening work.

Gardening is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it need not result in discomfort. With small additions to your routine, a little nurture means both you and your garden can thrive.