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We provide gardening services and develop horticultural products.

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The Globalising Entrepreneur

By Mustafa Korel, Head Gardener

In 2017, I started a HND in Business at Morley College and was where the spark moment for creating a horticultural social enterprise, , happened – though, I started the programme with nine, yes, nine different entrepreneurial ideas that I was working on. Soon, I realised that such a fragmented approach to enterprise would be counter-productive. As hard as it was I had to shelve all of them and returned to the drawing board about the direction I want to take as an emerging entrepreneur. And so, in July 2018, I took on my first few residential gardening jobs and it just felt right – that this was my vocation and that I want to turn this into an international social enterprise by globalising some aspects of the organisation, and welcome collaborations and partnerships in the industry.

This is my final year, final few months on this course and I’m working on my research project on globalisation and the sector.

Part of my objective when carrying out this research is to share what I find with the sector – partly because there remains some excellent but very few pioneers (innovative enterprises) or communicators (industry support forums and organisations) to help develop and invest in a sector that has been on a downward decline since this report was published in 2006. This research study will investigate if this decline has continued.

The journal section of this website has a category dedicated to this research under the category ‘Globalisation Research Project’, and is used to evidence honest reflections about my findings, in both carrying out the research itself, and highlighting some of my findings that other horticulturalists will find of interest, and more importantly useful, in developing your own enterprise so that the sector doesn’t die a most awful death.

Speaking with my lecturer today, I was inspired to use this website to communicate these findings to a wider audience and which acts to both impart more knowledge into the sector and as a legacy to my findings, where for example in five to ten years, others who take up the leadership mantle in the industry can reflect back on and perhaps use as baseline measurements themselves to see how far the industry has progressed – if at all.

The journal entries previous to this post were originally written on Penzu and I have migrated these posts to this blog for ease.

As ever, I’m going to encourage you to get in touch with me to either discuss this research in more depth or to take part in the research as a case study – you can do so by emailing me on: or call 07511 522 341 – I’m particularly interested in hearing from small and medium sized enterprises that have globalised their operations or who import/export horticultural products or services.