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Choosing the right hose

A successful garden is a culmination of a variety of factors; the appropriate plants for the space. Careful cultivation. A solid plan for pre-and aftercare. Also, the correct tools for the job. For a novice gardener, choosing the right equipment for a plot can be a tricky endeavour. Fortunately, when it comes to building your tool collection,’s Head Gardener Mus has some helpful tips.

With Summer upon us and with it the annual threat of heatwaves, it is vitally important to remember to put a watering schedule in place. For that, you will need an appropriate hose. According to Mus, these are the questions to ask upon purchase:

How far do I want it to reach?

Too short, and you’ll have a return trip to the shop for a refund. Too long, and the hose becomes heavy and cumbersome to use.

How flexible does it need to be?

To answer this, you’ll need to consider the shape of your garden and the connection to your water supply. Traditional hoses are long straight lengths of heavy-duty pipe which are effective for watering but are better suited to outside taps. Flexible hoses, covered in stainless steel, are useful for connecting to taps in confined spaces.

Which brand should I go for?

Mus’ hose of choice is based on his requirement for watering residential gardens and pressure washing. He uses a 30m Hozelock professional which comes assembled on a reel cart. For a large garden, i.e. 15m+, this works well. If you lack the storage space for the cart, another option is a wall-fixed hose reel.

For smaller gardens, i.e. 6m x 4.5m or smaller, Mus advises a Magic Hose. They are cheaper, lighter, expandable and come with a spray gun. On the Magic Hose, Mus recommends changing the watering nozzle to a Hozelock multi-purpose head which offers several settings.

What about tap connectors?

One thing to remember is to buy two connector sets for your hose – one for the water supply and the other for the nozzle. This makes connecting and disconnecting from taps and attachments so much easier.

Finding the correct equipment for your garden needn’t be a daunting task. For those interested in professional aftercare, Mus offers a watering service from as little as £15 per hour. Call or text 07511522341 to enquire.