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We provide gardening services and develop horticultural products.

We provide these services and products to both residential and corporate clients.

We manage community led projects and provide small grants to community groups and individuals seeking a career in horticulture.

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Choosing the right hose

A successful garden is a culmination of a variety of factors; the appropriate plants for the space. Careful cultivation. A solid plan for pre-and aftercare. Also, the correct tools for the job. For a novice gardener, choosing the right equipment for a plot can be a tricky endeavour. Fortunately, when it comes to building your tool collection,’s Head Gardener Mus has some helpful tips. With Summer upon us and

“Hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature”; handcream advice for gardeners

When gardeners consider their tools, their thoughts lean towards metal prongs, sharp blades, or the buzz of their favourite power tools. Although many rely on them, few remember the equal importance of their protective gear. Hardy gloves and a reliable hat are necessities for the potterer and the horticulturalist alike. Also important, and often forgotten, is the right suncare. Spending up to twelve hours a day outside and a crucial

Why not turf in Summer?

There is nothing like enjoying a gorgeous summer’s day on an opulent, verdant lawn. For’s Head Gardener, Mus, Rolawn is his preferred supplier and the Medallion turf is his favourite to work with. In 2007, this same brand was installed for the opening of the impressive Glasshouse at RHS Wisley. It has now become Mus’ first choice to clients looking for high-grade, multi-purpose grass that cuts beautifully. However, as

Caring for your wisteria

Earlier this year,’s Head Gardener, Mus proudly planted an established wisteria. The specific variety was a Chinese wisteria or Wisteria sinensis of the pea family. This gorgeous plant boasts elegant floral displays of cascading purple and a delicate scent. Having navigated the learning curve himself, Mus wanted to share his findings on how to sow and care for this stunning plant. The first thing to ensure in creating the

Saving water in hot weather

With climate change and environmental issues now part of our daily lives, many of us are seeking new ways to help. Consumers are recycling more, buying sustainable products and avoiding single-use plastic.’s head gardener Mus has noted a rise in requests for reclaimed wood for garden fences and decking. One aspect of the environment close to many gardeners’ hearts is the conservation of water. The UK water regulatory body,

Urban farming; Margate’s potential ‘Pod’ garden

To the rest of the UK, Margate is best known for being a seaside town. Visits there typically include a trip to Dreamland amusement park or the Turner Contemporary art gallery. Away from the gaze of tourists, Margate is economically depressed. The rate of unemployment in Margate is higher than the national average and for the whole of Kent. Locals describe the town as bustling in the summer seasons, but

Volunteer vacancy

The London Horticultural Network (LHN) is’s newest initiative. Founded in May 2019, LHN is the only pan-London organisation that connects professionals in the horticultural sector. The network aims to increase the capacity of small-scale horticulturalists, from florists to jobbing gardeners, from market stall traders to community gardeners. Collaboration is at the heart of the network, and collaboration is a model which has worked very well in the Netherlands and

Purple vienna seeds; from last season, to this summer.

Purple became the season’s colour for gardens in Summer 2018. The popular trend led to the gracing of plots with lashings of violet-hues in flowering plants and edibles. In vegetable patches across the UK, Purple Vienna Kohl Rabi was a favoured choice for its aesthetic and as a delicious ingredient. With bulbs that grow above ground, kohl rabi is prized for high yields being cold-hardy. Last year, head gardener,

Six Gardening Trends For Summer 2019

At, the latest gardening trends are a great source of inspiration. The Wyevale Garden Centres 2019 report lists six trends making their way to UK gardens. Increasing in popularity are space saving solutions, vegetable gardens and hanging baskets. This is a direct reflection of the types of gardens we have been installing or our clients. Here are the six trends to keep an eye on this summer: FRONT OF

Choosing softwood for external jobs

By Mustafa Korel, Head Gardener At, we’re committed to staying on top of trends and innovation in the sector. We’re also open to changing our established practices when new practices demands it of us, especially so when choosing timber for jobs. Our sector is increasingly moving towards softwood for external projects, and I’m convinced for good reasons. This is a continual learning process for us, too and sometimes its