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What is

We provide gardening services and develop horticultural products.

We provide these services and products to both residential and corporate clients.

We manage community led projects and provide small grants to community groups and individuals seeking a career in horticulture.

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We are a Social Enterprise UK Certified Member: our profits enrich society, communities and the environment.



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Corporate contracts

We provide contracted gardening services to landlords, businesses, community centres and non-profits

Our rates are reasonably priced and corporate clients receive the same high level of service our residential clients expect.


Front and back yard clean-ups are the most popular option for landlords who are taking on new tenants. This package starts from £180 excl. VAT. If you use us again, we offer a 10% loyalty discount on the next job order.

If you want something simpler, like mowing the lawn or deweeding, these services start from £80 excl. VAT.

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Hard landscaping and ground keeping of entry points are popular packages for businesses wanting to leave a lasting impression with their clients.

We also provide a volunteer brokerage service on certain projects and which can support your organisations corporate social responsibility aspirations.

Contact the Head Gardener, Mustafa Korel, on for an informal chat about your needs.

Business in Barking & Dagenham? We are piloting a kitchen and organic waste composting scheme with our worms – if you’re interested please get in touch on 07511 522 341.

Community centres and non-profits

We provide management solutions to growing projects like our work with the Mildmay Community Partnership at the Mildmay Community Centre in Islington.

We provide consulting, a complimentary design service and submissions of funding applications for non-profits, like developing a Sensory Garden at Morley College’s Stockwell Campus in Lambeth.

Email for more information about our offer to community centres and non-profits.