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What is

We provide gardening services and develop horticultural products.

We provide these services and products to both residential and corporate clients.

We manage community led projects and provide small grants to community groups and individuals seeking a career in horticulture.

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We are a Social Enterprise UK Certified Member: our profits enrich society, communities and the environment.



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We are actively seeking Horticultural Trades Association and Association of Professional Landscape Gardeners membership. We are doing this so that there is an added guarantee from a trade body that we are competent, and so that clients have a separate organisation to approach if things go wrong.

In the meantime, our aftercare policy is written into all estimates, quotes and invoices and constitutes a written contract of the level of service you should receive and as a guarantee of the work we carry out.

For small jobs, we provide a four-week aftercare service, and in which time you can ask questions about what we did. If you are unhappy about aspects of the work we’ve carried out, will inspect the error and resolve it within 14 days.

For larger jobs, like fencing or decking, we provide a 12 month guarantee on the work we have carried out. Again, this forms part of the quote, estimate or invoice and will be provided in writing. Please keep our aftercare policy and guarantees safe – these are formal documents that are required for your peace of mind.

There are other works that require follow-up aftercare visits. You will be informed of this when we provide a quote or estimate.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about the way we work, please contact the Head Gardener on If your complaint is about the Head Gardener, please contact our Brand Manager, Kira Bauer, on We aim to resolve all complaints within 14 days.